This forms and supporting documentation that are required for the construction of sewer facilities within the Northfield Woods Sanitary District are located below.  The applicant is to review the requirements specified in the packet and return an endorsed copy of the permit application (SF100), the operation certificate (SF200), and the policy agreement (SF300), along with appropriate plan documents and the applicable fees to the District offices.

Once the permit submitter has been received, the project will be reviewed by the District’s engineering and legal council.  During this review period the applicant shall make all corrections or adjustments to the permit documents specified.  The Board of Trustees, upon recommendation of its engineering and legal council, will then issue the permit so that work can proceed.

Prior to the initiation of construction, the contractor engaged to complete the work for the applicant must comply with permit requirements pertaining to license fees, performance bonds, and insurance certificates.  During the course of construction, the work will be inspected to ensure compliance with the District’s construction and material standards.  Failure to comply with permit requirements, including the proper construction of sewer facilities, will place the permit in jeopardy and will cause work progress to be halted. After all work has been completed a final inspection will be conducted and if appropriate, the improvements will be approved for use with the issuance of the Certificate of Operation. The Certificate of Operation will not be issued until the work has been inspected and approved.

The following lists the documents included as part of the permit application packet. Other forms, conditions, or specifications may be attached or otherwise included as part of the permit application, to address specific project requirements.

Packet Contents:

Additional relevant forms:

Petition for Annexation

To request annexation of property, complete this application and submit it with all required attachments to the Planning Division.

The information you provide must be complete and accurate. If you have a question please call the District and we will be happy to assist you.

Relevant forms: